Technology has a positive impact on the art industry. Not only it made advertisements and invitations cheaper, but it also allows us to be an artist-slash-entrepreneur in our own terms. So how do you get started? We all know the basics like creating a website, promoting our art in dating sites, and making more connections. So, what’s next?


You Have to Succeed in Both: Art and Business

Becoming an artist-slash-entrepreneur is crucial nowadays especially if you are trying to make a name in the art industry. The traditional ways of the so-called “advertise yourself” would not pull the trigger. It takes more than that. It takes a lot of wit, resourcefulness, and business ventures.

Learn E-commerce

This probably the reason why artists take jobs related to advertising and digital marketing. They are hitting two birds in one stone: earning some money for sustenance and gaining some valuable skills that will help them market their work. You can start with free online platforms like Shopify before getting their paid services. Victoria Milan became successful in marketing her elitedating services by adapting some marketing techniques. If she can do it, so can you.


Join Art Online Communities

Bringing people to your exhibits could be a challenging quest. But if you have an online community to back you up, promoting your exhibits and artwork would be easier. You can also meet people who are willing to help and people who could give you sound advice.

Do a Colab

Two heads are always better than one. Do a collaboration with artists like you. Both of you can spend time on marketing efforts to promote your artwork. Another collaboration worth doing is collaborating with artists having different specialities like fashion designers. They would do the designing of the clothing line while you do the printing design. So aside from selling wall paintings, you can also venture fashion clothing and other ventures where you can apply your art.