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Visit Van Vollenhoven’s Gallery

There is one beautiful yet so underrated art gallery in the Netherlands. For some reason, upon seeing the works of Van Vollenhoven, we felt this instant connection to his paintings. By just looking at it, you’ll be drawn to the mystery of his paintings. We can say that this gallery is our second love next to our own work. We urge you to visit this gallery and see for yourself the masterpieces this gallery holds. It brings back the enthusiasm for symbolism and deeper art. We have lost so many artists without giving them the proper credit they deserve. People tend to appreciate these masterpieces after the creator is gone. But we are a discerning species. We learn from the story of the past. Let’s not make the same mistake of the past generations in disregarding the true form of art only realizing it when it’s too late. We have a great artist here, and his name is Emile Snellen Van Vollenhoven. 


Art of Symbolism

Symbolism is the exact opposite of impressionism. Impressionism focuses on the reality of when the art is being made while symbolism is an artistic movement that requires deeper thought and observation. Every element of symbolism like the lines, shapes, and the colour holds a deeper meaning or a message waiting to be discovered. Older people in 50plusmatch tend to love symbolism over other forms of arts because of its mysterious side. Symbolism is such an amazing art for it expresses psychological truths to those who get it. You’ll get to see wonderful masterpieces of symbolism here at Van Vollenhoven’s Gallery. This gallery is also a great destination for artists looking for inspiration or looking to grasp the true meaning of symbolism.


What to Expect?

Don’t expect a huge art gallery like the ones you see in museums. Understand that Van Vollenhoven is an independent artist. But what you can expect and look forward to seeing is the unconventional pieces of art that will dig a deep hole in your mind to prepare you for embracing art just the way it is. It got a peculiar way of ematching your senses. You’ll be asking questions, you’ll get curious, and you’ll be surprised by what you’ll discover about the painter and about yourself. You’ll be surprised by the instant connection and understanding of his work. For those who are curious about how to get here, the gallery is easy to find. It seems all the locals are familiar with the gallery. You can also utilize maps. It has big signage and the place is so unique that you won’t miss it.

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