Bringing Symbolism Back To Life started a revolution in bringing symbolism back to life. We understand that time is changing us, and it is changing how we view art. This change slowly has taken symbolism out of the picture. For artists like us, we find this sad. We don’t want to imagine the future generation having no idea what this art means. Symbolism is significant in a time such as this. In a time where psychological truth is needed the most. We tend to become followers instead of becoming leaders. We tend to accept what society is telling us as the “truth” without questioning. The symbolism might not be the exact answer, but it is one of the best ways to train and cultivate our world through art.

Supporting Independent Artists

Life of a full-pledged artist is not an easy endeavour. It leads to less travelled roads that will often make an artist feel alone. We know how it’s like to be alone in this journey because we have crossed these roads ourselves. But despite the struggles, pursuing this career should never be avoided. brings independent artist together as we all embark to the less travelled roads of our journey. They no longer have to feel alone. They have a company of friends who will walk with them through life like a family. Their life as an artist will be full of life, discoveries, and fun just how it should be.