Why Symbolism is important?

Symbolism challenges the beholder’s mind to think deeper, to ask questions, to search for deeper meanings, and unveil secrets of an artwork. It is important because it is one of the forms of art that helped us get through the tough times of our history.

How can I support Independent Artists?

When independent artists do exhibits featuring their work, visit them. If you find an artwork that you can connect with, you can make a purchase. Remember that you are not just buying a painting or a sculpture, along with it is the creator’s mind, life, passion, emotions, and persona. These are things that they’ll share with you through their masterpieces.

I am an art student, can I join your group?

Yes. We welcome anyone who has an insatiable thirst for art and symbolism. Even if you are a student, you are welcome to our group. We can learn together and do a collab to give you more experience and practice than your school organization.

Who is Van Vollenhoven? Are you his affiliates?

Van Vollenhoven is an independent artist like us. We visited his art gallery, and from there, we fell in love with symbolism. We are not his affiliates or his PR group. We are appreciators of his art, and we think that he should get more credit for the value he is putting into his work.

Do you conduct exhibits as well?

Yes. Dutchartist.nl conducts exhibits featuring independent artists and their work. We started this work five years ago and were able to make connections, so we can conduct exhibits even though we don’t have a huge budget to start with.

Do you have other jobs aside from being an independent artist?

Some of us have other jobs. Some of our members are full-fledged. When you pursue this career, you have to do everything necessary to finance yourself until you can fully earn decent money through your art.